Chopin Vodka Launches New Line of Artisanal Liqueurs 

Botanika Angelica Line Represents Most Comprehensive Expansion to Date 

KRZESK, Poland (June 28, 2021) – Chopin Vodka has created a wide-ranging line of artisanal liqueurs, debuting in five flavors: Amaro, Bitters, Orange, Lemon and Elderflower. The most comprehensive expansion from Chopin, the new expressions are made with Chopin Rye Vodka, natural herbs, spices, and fruits, ranging from 25 to 40 percent alcohol by volume. 

Packaged in artistically illustrated, angelic-inspired bottles, the five varietals showcase the critical role nature and harvest play in these centuries-old distilling and maceration processes. Made by hand in small batches, the range starts with award-winning Chopin Rye Vodka, a combination of herbs, spices, and fruit that macerate in large clay pots from two to seven months that are then meticulously blended. Apart from Orange and Lemon, the varietals are rested in 50-year-old Polish oak vats before being bottled. 

“We have always taken great care in the spirits we craft. We are passionate about every ingredient, every step of the process, and Botanika Angelica is no different,” said Tad Dorda, CEO and Founder of Chopin Vodka. “We want to change the perception of what a mixer is, so this collection is pure enough to serve neat, with soda or elevate any cocktail. We made no concessions.” 

Botanika Angelica Amaro (40% ABV) SRP $39.99 

Appearance: Clear, Medium Amber 

Nose: Soft with bright herbaceous aromas of anise, cinnamon, thyme, rosemary with hints of lavender & rich soils 

Palate: Dry, Herbaceous forward; Cinnamon, nutmeg, anise, gentian root and black peppercorn notes; Finish is complex with lasting layers of herbs & spices 

Botanika Angelica Bitters (30% ABV) SRP $29.99 

Appearance: Clear, Valentine Red 

Nose: Soft, medium intensity; Orange peel, blood oranges, cloves & allspice, with herbaceous undertones 

Palate: Sweet & viscous, followed by sharp herbal flavors; Candied oranges, ruby red grapefruit, anise and cinnamon take over the palate; Finish is sharp, dry & herbal with hints of citrus 

Botanika Angelica Orange (40% ABV) SRP $34.99 

Appearance: Clear, Pale Straw 

Nose: Warm with intense orange zest aroma followed by Candied orange fruits & flamed orange peel 

Palate: Sweet, silky smooth and warming citrus, orange peel, blood orange & cloves; Medium finish that is slightly tart & spicy 

Botanika Angelica Lemon (35% ABV) SRP $29.99 

Appearance: Clear, bright yellow 

Nose: Clean & Bright; Freshly squeezed Lemons with hints of jasmine & honeysuckle 

Palate: Soft & creamy with warm citrus notes, candied Meyer lemons dominate the palate with a hint of nutmeg; Medium-long, acidic finish with a bright lemon aftertaste 

Botanika Angelica Elderflower (25% ABV) SRP $34.99 

Appearance: Clear with a wheat-gold appearance 

Nose: Clean, light intensity; fresh aroma of pear and peach, followed by light citrus and sweet floral notes of the elderflower 

Palate: Soft with a nice viscosity coating the mouth, ripe pear flavors greet the palate, followed by peaches, baking spice and a light floral sweetness; Medium-long finish, leaving your mouth with a delightful, fruit-driven aftertaste 

The Botanika Angelica line (750ml) is available across the US. To learn more about Botanika Angelica Liqueurs visit