Is America ready for banana-flavored whiskey?

“You can always find choice spirits to sip from such established brands as Jack Daniel’s and Johnnie Walker. But what say you to some Peruvian whiskey in the style of bourbon? Or an herbal liqueur straight from Croatia? Or a mezcal-gin hybrid?

Those were some of the oddball sips to be savored at this year’s Bar Convent Brooklyn, an industry trade show devoted to all things alcoholic and bar-related. The event, held Tuesday and Wednesday at the Brooklyn Expo Center in New York City, showcased hundreds of booze brands and drew a crowd of 3,000-plus (fully vaccinated, as per a New York City mandate).”

One of those “odball sips” was Mezcal Gin, a new Mexican brand (and Chopin Imports family member) that takes traditional mezcal and infuses it with gin botanicals.

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