Spirits Business Meets Lucia Alliegro, Ron Carúpano

The Venezuelan rum brand has its heart set on world domination – and has the perfect plan to achieve its lofty ambitions. Marketing Director Lucia Alliegro sat down with Spirits Business Editor Melita Kiely to talk about how Ron Carúpano is going to turn these ambitions into reality.

What makes Ron Carúpano stand out in the rum category?

“Without sounding arrogant, but Ron Carúpano is the signature for premium rum in Venezuela. It is an emblem for the democratization of the consumption of excellent quality rum available through different price ranges and all consumer segments. Coming from Venezuela, rum is a very important part of our identity; for us, it is much more than a drink. It means heritage, tradition and represents a window to share with the rest of the world this exquisite distillate, unique in its kind.”

Source and Full Story: Spirits Business