Kasama Brings Vacation Vibe To Rum Category

Alexandra Dorda had long been a rum drinker, but she never felt a connection to most rum brands.

“There weren’t any rums that spoke to me,” she says. “They were just hyper-focused on this nautical trope that I just didn’t feel.”

Dorda says rum brands often focused on “cartoon pirates and sailors, even at the high end.” “Rums often have nautical names, named after ships or captains…these really antiquated themes,” she says. “I just feel rum is a category that should be a base for tropical cocktails, with this delicious profile with positive vacation connotations.”

Since Dorda couldn’t find any rum brands that reflected this vibe, she created her own: Kasama. “As a woman, I knew there was a gap that existed in the rum market,” she says. “I see things that many of my male colleagues wouldn’t see.”

Source and Full Story: Forbes