Kasama Is A Small Batch Filipino Rum With Big Flavor

Spirits like tequila and whiskey have undoubtedly dominated the booze market in recent times — the result of many celebrity investors — but rum, the liquid fuel of many a tropical cocktail, has been making a comeback. Market trends predict an increase in sales over the next decade, because many smaller, craft producers have elevated the sugarcane spirit into something beyond the old school brands like Captain Morgan’s and Bacardi. Newer brands like Equiano and Selva Rey continue to celebrate rum of the Caribbean — the spirit was created in 17th-century Barbados after all — but it should be known that the West Indies aren’t the only rum producing region of the world. The Philippines has been producing rum for more than 150 years, and Kasama, a small batch rum hailing from the island nation, is a true contender for your rum cocktails.

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